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Mold, mildew makeover at city building

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Mold, mildew makeover at city building


After years of fighting for clean facilities, parents’ voices may finally be heard.

Linda Turner and her daughter Gayle have walked the halls at the Montgomery Therapeutic Recreation Center many times.

Gayle first started swimming there in the 1970’s.

“I have seen the decline over the years. The showers are in really really bad shape,” says Turner.

Just one look at the locker rooms and pool area and you’ll see–mold, mildew and soap scum blanket the walls.

Turner and other parents believe the conditions aren’t healthy for their kids.

“Most of our special needs individuals do have compromised immune systems. It’s really detrimental to them,” adds Turner.

For years, parents have petitioned directors, pleading for renovations.

Small grants only paid for behind the scenes repairs.

“There’s probably nobody more frustrated about this than me,” says Montgomery Parks and Recreation Superintendent, Kay McCreery.

She says a long-awaited $220,000 dollar federal grant allows for much needed renovations to the pool and locker rooms.

“We want to expedite it.”

The locker rooms are expected to get a complete overhaul. That’s where the bulk of the mold and mildew is.  It’s something parents and recreation officials say can’t come soon enough.

“Hang with us a few more months and they’re going to begin to see some real progress that you can in fact see…it won’t be plumbing behind the walls,” adds McCreery.

“Seeing our actions finally coming to fruition is wonderful,” adds Turner.

“The showers will be clean. The pool will be clean,” says Gayle.

It’s a sigh of relief for Linda and Gayle after years of dodging a dirty mess.

Recreation officials hope to start working after summer programs finish. They plan to close parts of the center to speed up the repair process.


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