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Dr Ritchie Shoemaker Mold Doctor Faces Problems!

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Dr Ritchie Shoemaker- Complaints to the Medical Board regarding aspects of the Shoemaker Protocol


View the complaints about the use of  cholestyramine, online diagnostic tests, uneccessary testing, use of off label potentially toxic drugs. Read Full Complaints – http://www.owndoc.com/pdf/RitchieShoemakerReprimanded.pdf


After Dr Ritchie Shoemakers recent hearing, facing a variety of charges in front of the Maryland Medical Board..the board have ordered the following reprimands. ORDER Based on foregoing Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, it is this __20th_ day of ____March___, 2013, by a majority of the quorum of the Board considering this case:ORDERED that the Respondent is REPRIMANDED; and it is further ORDERED that because the Respondent’s medical practice is now closed, should the Respondent resume the practice of medicine in Maryland, he shall be placed on PROBATION for a minimum of two (2) years and until he fully and satisfactorily complies with all of following terms and conditions:i.          The Respondent shall notify the Board in writing prior to re-opening his office;ii.          Prior to the resumption of practice, the Respondent shall obtain at his own expense a Board-approved practice monitor;iii.          For the first year of probation, the practice monitor will review on a monthly basis aspects of the Respondent’s care including diagnosis, treatment and medications prescribed and appropriate referral to other medical practitioners;

 “This may be of particular concern to those who have or are considering the Shoemaker Protocol in their practice as they may become under the same scrutiny in their state and practice, by using the same methods.”

iv.          The Respondent shall ensure that the practice monitor submits to the Board a detailed report of his/her findings on a quarterly basis;v.          At the end of the first year of probation, the Board will determine whether the condition that the Respondent’s practice be monitored on a monthly basis should be modified or terminated;vi.          The Respondent shall not require or solicit patients to make a contribution to his non-profit research fund.ORDRED that the Respondent shall be subject to chart or peer review at the discretion of the Board during the probationary period; and it is further ORDERED that the Respondent shall comply with the Maryland Medical Practice Act and all laws, statutes and regulations pertaining to the practice of the medicine; and it is further ORDERED that the Respondent’s failure to comply with any of the conditions of probation or this Consent Order shall be considered a violation of probation; and it is further


ORDERED that if the Respondent violates any of the terms and conditions of probation or of this Consent Order, the Board, in its discretion, after notice and an opportunity for an evidentiary hearing before an Administrative Law Judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings if there is a genuine dispute as to the underlying material facts, or an opportunity for a show cause hearing before the Board, may impose any other disciplinary sanction for with the Board may have imposed, including a reprimand, probation, suspension, revocation and/or monetary fine, said violation being proven by a preponderance of the evidence; and it is further

ORDERED that two (2) years after his probationary period begins, the Respondent may submit a written petition to the Board requesting termination of probation. After consideration of the petition, the probation may be terminated, through an order of the Board or designated Board committee. The Board, or designated Board committee, will grant the termination if the Respondent has fully and satisfactorily complied with all of the probationary terms and conditions and there are no pending complaints related to the charges; and it is further

ORDERED that the Respondent shall not petition the Board for early termination of the terms and conditions of this Consent Order, and it is further

ORDERED that the Respondent shall be responsible for all costs under this Consent Order; and it is further

ORDERED that this Consent Order shall be a public document pursuant to Md. State Gov’t Code Ann.  10-611 (2009 Repl. Vol.).



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