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Have Toxic Mold Recognized as a Bio-Hazzard

10:54, Sep 25, Name not displayed, MO
My son and i got sick from a rental home in Boulder. Most doctors and professionals ignore to take it seriously. i believe more people have it than are diagnosed. The CDC has tried to downplay its reality.
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23:29, Sep 18, angelia platt, OR
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09:37, Sep 14, Mrs. Andrea Jenkins, VA
because our home is infested with MOLD and no one wants to help us! we have tried everyone and still same answer, it is something we are just going to have to fix ourselves, im sorry i dont have over ten thousand dollars to fix a problem that should not have happened in the 3 months we have lived here!
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20:06, Sep 13, Peggy Dell’Orfano, FL
Our apartment building was struck by lightning on May 16, 2012 which destroyed the eaves outside of our bedroom window. Water damage and mold ensued shortly thereafter. When we noticed the problem, we have attempted multiple times to get our apartment managers to resolve the water damage and mold that had occurred. The eaves have been fixed, likely due to a code violation that was issued to the apartment complex, however to this day, they have not fixed the mold and water damage in the apartment. We have signed a mold addendum with the apartment complex on our lease and per its stipulations, we have notified them in writing on June 11, 2012 and have a copy of the letter which was signed by the apartment manager. We have been told multiple times that they are going to fix it, but it has not come to pass. We sought out Code Enforcement who inspected the apartment and concluded with a citation for unsanitory conditions. The code enforcement officer said that while the conditions are unsanitory, he would be unable to deem the residence inhabitable as they do not know the type of mold that is present, and do not test for that. When the officer went to the leasing office after inspecting the mold in my apartment, instead of fixing the issue, they painted over the mold. Both my wife and I are experiencing health problems, and the symptoms suggest that exposure to mold is likely a cause of the problem per our pulmonary specialist, however he is going to be performing further tests on us once we know the type of mold in the environment. We are unsure if we should be contacting an attorney at this point, or what our next step should be as we would like to pursue litagation. Any further advice or legal contact information for attorney’s who may have knowledge in this field would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact my wife or myself via email or the phone numbers listed below. Regards, David and Peggy Dell’Orfano David: 813-391-4223/dave409@hotmail.com Peggy: 813-892-0423/peggydellorfano@gmail.com Riverview, FL
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14:36, Sep 06, Kristy Evans, TX
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14:21, Sep 06, Ms. Jennifer Tribou, OR
the builder of my house, Renaissance, didn’t complete two simple steps which should have been caught because the house isn’t up to code. Well their negligence has literally ruined my life!! Because of them I literally have nothing and I’m still sick and no one has been able to help.
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09:35, Sep 06, Name not displayed, IL
Iam in litagation now due to sickness caused by mold and mildew exposure
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12:51, Sep 05, Ms. Tiffany Raines, TN
I have mold in my apartment, and no one is willing to fix it. I’m allergic to it, so I’ve stayed sick for 1 1/2 years, which is approximately how long the mold has been here. If mold can be recognized nationally as a bio-hazzard, there could be more consequences as to what happens to an apartment complex when they don’t fix mold.
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19:09, Aug 28, Mr. Mark Rosal, FL
Becuase there is no standard, government needs to help and protect my family
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15:07, Aug 27, Mrs. Lisa Rosen, PA
My parents’ home is infested with mold. They are oblivious and in denial about its negative health effects on them and their visiting family and friends. They have allowed their young grandchildren to spend up to a week in the home exposed to it. Without a national standard for mold exposure, it is nearly impossible to convince people such as my parents and siblings of the tremendous health risks they are putting themselves and, especially, the youngest family members though. A mold test and its results was not enough to convince them that the very presence of mold presents a great health risk with legitimately documented ill side effects, many of which are permanent. If the government wishes to save money on medical expenses, properly alerting citizens to
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10:06, Aug 23, mitch johnson, AZ
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07:50, Aug 23, Name not displayed, IN
i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia… after taking a job that has mold in building i was not aware at that time just kept having ups an downs til this summer when the roof leaked on every storm now six weeks later an a building full of mold my symptoms increased an new ones are forming an dr.s kept telling me its my fibro in which i believed them till i started researching mold how to clean it an found out how dangerous it really is to some ppl an ppl need to be aware of this !!!!! i now know with out any doubt it is the mold making me sick
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17:10, Aug 20, Name not displayed, FL
because l have same problem in my condo l rent l know how you feel with the smell and all your clothes damage and with the headaches, alergies for me and my son.
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10:39, Aug 12, Mrs. Julie Hatcher, KS
I have been poisoned by this confirmed and no one willhelp us. we are sick and no atorney will help cdc says it is a civil matter and health department says it is not their job.
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10:31, Aug 09, anne marie buczacki, VA
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03:37, Aug 09, Name not displayed, NC
Cause I might have mold in my home and I rent. Nothing is being done about it.
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05:36, Aug 08, angie daigger, NE
it is very important because it is very harmful and no one seems to care that my two little boys and myself have been living with it and will not fix the problem now that i know about it!
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23:09, Aug 06, Mr. Mark Rogers, NM
in 1996 I switched to a different apartment in my complex. It had been unoccupied and it had poor window seals. I found black mold in the air return “filter” only after contracting Walking Pneumonia. Since then i am sensitive to any higher spore counts. I am curious about why my chief symptom is flushed, hot skin?
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13:57, Aug 06, Ms. Chantel Alvord, CA
I have been sick for many years due to mold toxicity. It has taken over my life and have been misdiagnosed many times. I am too tired or confused etc. to even get to the Doctor who doesn’t really know what to do with me. Too many Dr.’s, too much loss of quality of life., inability to work as I’m a zombie
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06:20, Aug 02, Mrs. Lisa Murphy, GA
# 250
13:41, Jul 29, Laura Buczacki, VA
# 249
17:48, Jul 28, Wendy Stanley, WA
# 247
09:28, Jul 27, Mrs. Mary Katherine Romanowski, NY
# 246
01:52, Jul 27, Ms. claudia ziermann, CA
# 245
07:17, Jul 26, Adam Babits, NJ
# 244
04:55, Jul 26, Mrs. Paula Winter, NJ
Because my daughters whole family was affected by it severly. Alsmost lost her.
# 243
21:20, Jul 25, Ms. Elizabeth Connolly, CA
Because my good friends new house, was totally engulfed in mold, it killed 2 of their animals, her 4 yr old son’s speech was affected and she had strange fainting spells. If that is not reason enough I don’t know what is.
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19:11, Jul 25, Mr. robert mooney, NJ
# 241
14:26, Jul 25, James Dick, NJ
# 240
13:09, Jul 25, Mrs. Jennifer Winter, NJ
Our house has mold and was making us sick, very sick for a long time and we were naive about it until we found it in our house and moved out!
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08:15, Jul 21, John Fish, KY
see my web site: http://www.bluediamondlouiisvilleky.phanfare.com (two ii before letter s)
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04:17, Jul 14, Name not displayed, PA
I have been sick for ten months and had gone from doctor to doctor NONE of which could help or properly diagnose me. Being a healthcare provider myself and not accepting what the other doctors told me I was able to diagnose myself.
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05:45, Jul 13, Mrs. KATHLEEN SHADLE, PA
I informed my landlord of the issue and they didn’t clean it up, just painted over it then charged me for the paint and labor. My husband is allergic and others are as well. It can cause death!
# 236
16:43, Jul 09, Aj GReen, VA
# 235
00:29, Jul 05, Ms. Lianna Philip, Australia
# 234
10:26, Jul 02, Mr. Cesar Andujar, NJ
My family and i have been expose to mold and i will like to raise awareness on this extremely important issue.
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08:42, Jun 24, holly renshaw, TN
# 232
14:27, Jun 18, terry shaffer, MO
because I have recently discovered that I am most likely to be suffering from the effects of long-term mold fine particulate exposure
# 231
07:37, Jun 15, Name not displayed, MI
# 230
16:38, Jun 03, Mrs. Rella Leo, NC
I had Black Mold and Husband Refused to Fix Our Water Leaking in Den for Years. I Became Ill from Prior Exposure in Our Home.
# 229
08:19, Jun 03, Ms. suzette neal, TN
I am and have been fighting toxic for several yrs. Things really started going downhill in Sept. My “asthma” was getting so bad, I was sent to a Asthma, allergy clinic where said I have bronchieactiasis, Had sinus surgery in Jan of 2012. Still not healed. Sent to pulmonologest where he did a bronchoscope and said I have a bacteria in my lungs that should not be found in humans. In April, I was so sick that my grown children and my husband removed the carpeting in our bedroom and the entire floor was covered with mold.No one is listening to me when I tell them I am dying. The family treated the mold they could see with vinegar .( sorry I cant write or spell or remember words anymore.) I stayed in a motel while they pulled up all of the carpet in the house. I am being sent to one allergist to another and I keep asking for help but my husband is so tired of me talking about it that I may have to leave our home of 34 yrs to stay under a bridge.He no longer believes me. I am going to try to get together some money( Im totally disabled now) to gt to Atlanta Ga to the national Mold treatment centers of America. If nothing else, I want someone to read this because I think it is too late for me.
# 228
21:16, Jun 01, Mrs. Fran DeFillippo;, NJ
# 227
07:10, May 28, Adriane Dudley, GA
# 226
02:01, May 28, Name not displayed, IN
I worked in a Goodwill building during the course of two months. I have asthma and a weakened immune system. My first week I got sick and the doctor thought I had an upper respiratory infection and gave me the antibiotic ZPAC. Afterwards, one day one of the managers and I were talking one day, I told him I was ill. He told me when he first started working there he got very ill, but after going to the doctor he eventually got better. He said, “The entire building is packed with mold.” I did not know anything about mold. Because of my asthma, while I worked I had to breathe harder, breathing all that much more in. I went back to the doctor and told him I was worse, but that I had been working in a building filled with mold and I believed I had a mold infection. I do not know why, but he gave me ZPAC. After taking it again, I told the doctor I still didn’t feel well, and he said to give it time. I did not know until almost two years later ZPAC will not help a fungal infection. The pharmacist whom I spoke with was appalled and ask me why he gave me ZPAC. So I went to another doctor who gave me an anti-fungal antibiotic, Fluconazole, with a refill. I took both rounds and felt better, but I was still ill. I asked for another refill a few months later, but the doctor said I had already had a refill. To make a long story short, this infection affected my brain immediately and I have severe Hypersomnia, which I sleep most of the time. Patients go into a coma-tose sleep and we are almost impossible to wake. There is no cure and it is life long. For three years, my life has been gone. The only treatment is stimulants, which I have a hard time taking. I finally got used to Provigil, but it only helps some of the time, and not completely. I also have a benign tumor in my cerebral spinal fluid in the thoracic (it was just discovered recently.) I am asking for a spinal tap because I am sure there is mold/fungus there. I have been so sick I pray to get better or for death. It is no life. So as I wait for the doctors to help me, this mold is slowly growing inside of me. I cough constantly, my asthma has much worsened, and I have lost 20 pounds during the past four months, unintentional. I am very angry that doctors know very little about mold and what it can do.
# 225
05:43, May 25, Ms. Jayme Locke, PA
# 224
18:18, May 24, Ms. Virginia Radcliffe, NC
because toxic mold exposure has almost killed a friend of mine
# 223
15:02, May 24, Aileen Johnsrud, CO
I unknowingly rented a mold infested home and it destroyed my life.
# 222
12:16, May 24, dawn diemer, NC
I have cancer, neurotoxity, asthma, severe chemical sensitivity, severe memory & cognitive damage from mold.
# 221
08:01, May 24, Alonzo Moore, MI
# 220
04:05, May 22, Barb cloeter, NE
# 219
16:59, May 21, Ms. Amanda Stephens, AL
# 218
02:32, May 18, jill berry, FL
# 216
18:16, May 15, Name not displayed, TX
my daughter was exposed to high levels of mold last year. she has seen 4 or 5 different dr, all diagnosed different on her inflammartory illness
# 215
16:45, May 04, Sharon Balleu, IL
# 214
23:56, Apr 27, Felicia Napier, GA
# 213
21:18, Apr 27, Mrs. Odessa Black, NC
Because my husband was in a coma due to mold exposure in 2005-06. He almost died because we did not know how serious mold could be.
# 212
14:26, Apr 26, Name not displayed, IN
# 211
21:57, Apr 25, Mr. Craig Piguet, OR
Because I am suffering from mold illness due to a mold-contaminated house.
# 210
21:39, Apr 21, Name not displayed, IN
I work at the local Welfare Office & the building I work in has been tested several different times by professionals. I have been exposed to several species of Mold, Lead, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide & raw sewage. The building lacks proper ventilation. The air is stagnate & does not circulate. I have been sick & most of my co-workers have been sick. We aren’t able to move because we have a 10 yr lease thanks to Mitch Daniels political reforms & privatizations
# 209
17:50, Apr 21, Mrs. Luisa Guzman, NJ
I have been sick and for the past 18 months. I have all the symtoms and i know there is mold in my office.
# 208
00:59, Apr 17, James Bower, CA
# 207
14:07, Apr 13, pedro aleman, CA
# 206
15:40, Apr 07, Name not displayed, MI
there is mold in my apartment
# 205
07:49, Apr 02, Ms. TJuan Davis, OK
What do I do if I have been exposed to mold?
# 204
04:29, Mar 31, Ms. Jolie Terrazas, NY
# 203
08:52, Mar 30, Name not displayed, TX
# 202
09:28, Mar 29, Donice Blakely, OK
# 201
19:03, Mar 27, Name not displayed, TX
 # 200
16:20, Mar 26, Name not displayed, OH
I have suffered from mold exposure
# 199
20:03, Mar 25, Ms. Connie Ortiz, TX
One apt I lived in, I was exposed to mold and molded fiberglass for 8 months. Next apt had mold and I lived there for 10 months and the manager would do nothing to get rid of it. It made me sick, had constant asthma attacks. I worry about long term effects of these two exposures. Small children are sometimes in apts with mold and I believe it could have a serious impact on their heath due to breathing mold.
# 198
18:32, Mar 23, Mrs. Barbara Jones, VA
I inhailed some mold Monday night…
# 197
16:04, Mar 19, Ms. Karen Bump, AZ
# 196
13:19, Mar 16, Ms. Marye Holloway, IN
Mold makes you sick. When I called the Hamilton County Health Department. I was told they do not go into crawl spaces to check for mold. I have had sinus issues and tired etc. My landlord will not fix, she said it’s not there. I feel landlords and apartments, employers etc. should be responsible for their buildings and what it does to the tenants that live there. We are paying to live there, we deserve the right to feel and be safe in our homes. Really upsets me that I will have to move because I can’t and don’t want to be sick any longer.
# 195
09:20, Mar 16, Mrs. Marlene Kauffman, PA
# 194
06:27, Mar 16, Ms. Sandra Hale, MI
I was exposed to mold in my home, became homeless because the management company would not recognize the problem.I now have several health issues. Management gave me bad references. I am disabled and 52 years old. I have lost most of my personal articles. Some things I had to move into my new home. I just got out of the hospital yesterday with my heart racing,again. I’m not sure to what extent my health issues are. I am unable to locate a pro bono attorney to help me. I guess low income, disabled people have no rights in the state of Michigan. If there is anything you can do to help me, I would gretly appreciate it! This is so unfair! Thank you.
# 193
18:33, Mar 15, Ms. Deborah Kulisch, CT
# 192
18:40, Mar 13, Name not displayed, CA
My life has been ruined by mold exposure and very few people are informed and understand how serious Mold Exposure is and what it does to your body and mind… Something needs to be done- I cannot tell you how many people and, worst of all doctors, are so uninformed and don’t understand or believe the consequences Mold has on our lives.
# 191
# 190
12:22, Mar 12, Mrs. Cara Cooper, IL
I rent a house that I suspect has a very serious mold issue. Two of my children have showed signs of mold exposure.
# 188
06:14, Mar 06, LaVon DeLisle, FL
Im Ill from mold exposure.
# 187
17:00, Mar 04, Mrs. Tala Neathawk, VT
My business was shut down by the city that I rent from,for mold. this destroyed my inventory and have to close,probably for good
# 186
09:57, Feb 29, Mrs. Pamela Minson, OR
# 185
04:44, Feb 24, Katherine Otto, FL
# 184
10:51, Feb 09, Name not displayed, CT
My family and I don’t get sick very often except for the usual once a year cold. We have lived in this house for 6 months and I have experienced heart pains/ breathing problems that I have not had before. We have all been sick several times in the last few months.
# 183
10:59, Feb 02, Ms. renee hayes, LA
me and my babies health
# 182
11:42, Jan 31, Ms. Jeanne Peppard, WI
# 181
23:49, Jan 30, Mrs. Crystal Cutrell, NC
I have children, and mold is very dangerous. You dont know how bad mold is until you experiance it yourself. We get hit by hurricanes and flooding yearly and mold thrives on that. If you want the world to be a healther place, you not only need to focus on obesiy, diabetes,heart health, you need to attack the areas that cause those as well. How do you expect someone to lose weight when the healthy stuff cost more then the cheap fatty stuff. How do you expect someone to stay healthy and fit when they cant afford health insurance. How do you expect people to leave in better conditions if they cant get help to clean there homes up from mold if there insurance wont cover it or help is based on a grant first come first serve basis. This country has gone from in god we trust, helping each other out,lending a hand, to want want want money money money. May God have mercy on all our souls when he comes for us, because we have done so wrong by him since his passing.
# 180
09:16, Jan 29, Dr. Michael Schmahl, NY
My home, which is a rental, is infested with toxic mold, and our landlord refuses to do anything about it. It is outrageous. Both my sister and brother-in-law are seriously ill, and we believe that the mold has caused the problems.
# 179
08:18, Jan 27, Mrs. jennifer richey/nelson, CA
My landlord overlooked a warning of a deep smell in our place for 3 plus yrs and finally took the wall apart while in our unit our kids are sick we are sick my cat is very sick now with a huge vet bill for her to still not be ok ..they left us in this unit with no options we were told no enterence to my kids room so they are on the livingroom floor unhabotable here we sit w the results of a mold test coming back a yes mold and two types . They are not complying w my renters rights codes and want to keep is here sick against our will to go this is a horrible exsperience no one should have to be treated like animals without rights .
# 178
16:06, Jan 23, Mayleen Laguna, FL
# 177
12:06, Jan 23, Name not displayed, WI
# 176
09:50, Jan 23, Ms. Debbie Gosselin, ME
# 175
01:25, Jan 23, Ms. Lauren Collins, CA
I believe I have been exposed to mold and have sever effects of being exposed.
# 174
09:38, Jan 16, Mr. quInn wrIght, CA
# 173
07:53, Jan 12, Mrs. shannon ayers, NH
# 172
09:02, Jan 11, Mrs. Dorothy Lebovitz, CA
I have been sicken by mold.
# 171
23:59, Jan 10, maggie alfieri, GA
Congress passing the previous mold act in early 2000’s and giving potential renters/ buyers notification of mold in property. It worked for the lead act of 1978 why is mold so far fetched in 2012?
# 170
11:51, Jan 10, Mr. William Filber, MI
Each independent state reserves the rights to protect there own citizens and to make any necessary ordinances and/or laws to protect there citizens and families. According to there own independent beliefs, culture and economy, the federal government must be restricted in taxes, and governing states. God Bless the Constitution and the Nation of Israel.
# 169
00:38, Jan 08, Ms. dina klein, CA
got expouse to black mold
# 168
05:19, Jan 07, Ms. jolanda venter, South Africa
# 167
22:06, Jan 05, Ms. Jessica Hughes, NY
Because where I reside at currently I have notice mold in my kids room, in the bathroom and on the outside of the property on the bricks and I made complaints and no actions have been taken. My daughter already suffers from asthma and I notice I have been having medical complications that I have never had before, also previously four tenants had passed away suddenly and I am very scared for my family. What and who can I speak to.
# 166
02:29, Jan 05, Mrs. Kristin Hattaway, FL
I have suffered severely for almost a year now from mold exposure and illness – but my apartment managers refuse to do anything to help – or release me from my lease. I’ve lost my job and have incurred over $150,000 in medical bills. I can’t find anyone who is willing to step in and help me confront this issue…
# 165
05:24, Jan 03, Name not displayed, MA
Both myself and my husband now have ongoing issues from mold exposure (too many serious to completely list–organs shutting down, etc.). We unknowingly rented a house infested with mold. We are now learning the slumlord owners knew of the ongoing mold issue (previous tenants had moved for the same reasons) and had just done the usual: poured bleach and re-painted so they could continue to make money whilst forsaking the lives and health of innocent people–an outrageous problem that seems all too common an in the USA. I have been in and out of the ER since being exposed, and I’m losing my hair. Both mu husband and I cough up black material and feel very weak. I lost my job do to being out too many times (at the doctors every other day now). So our end result is that we had to quickly move in the middle of winter which completely exhausted us, bills didn’t get paid due to the expense surrounding the move and the loss of my job, my perfect credit is now destroyed and I’m now facing bankruptcy, I almost had to drop out of graduate school due to the totality of this stress/fiasco, we are broke and can’t pay for the medical bills piling up, we are in our first year of marriage and planned on having a child (I am 31 and do not have ten years to waste) yet are not sure if I can even carry a baby now due to the complete host of random heath problems I now have (we both feel this has been the worst year of our lives which is sad… it happens to be the first year of our marriage), we are also both very scared about what other potential health problems might crop up (like cancer or who knows?), we have lost half of our personal belongings already and have not even started to pursue legal action because we can’t afford it and etc. Basically, mold exposure has ruined what could have been two very successful and productive lives… We both are well educated and have worked very hard to get to where we are in life, and now it seems we have been robbed; mold exposure via the neglect of uncaring slumlords has taken away our health, livelihood, possibility of children, the romance from our first year of marriage, our financial status and credibility (we planned on buying our own home–that dream is GONE now thanks to poor credit, credit it took YEARS to build), and just about all that is good. Action MUST BE TAKEN in this country IMMEDIATELY to protect the innocent! What horrifies me the *most* is that this former slumlord(s) of ours has re-rented the building putting other innocent lives at risk… possibly children. It is DISGUSTING so many landlords, employers and businesses can get away with this! We need to fight for higher standards, recognize mold as a Bio-Hazard, and create relevant legislature NOW!
# 164
02:02, Jan 03, Name not displayed, CT
I have mold and I am very sick because of it and nobody believed me.
# 163
10:35, Dec 29, Ms. candice savage, AZ
I have toxic mold sydrom
# 162
20:04, Dec 23, Deborah A Helregel, KY
# 161
13:43, Dec 23, Ms. Kristina Townsend, AK
I lost everything due to a horrific mold exposure from being housed in a building that was closed due to mold for work. I am now fully disabled from the mold and toxins that attacked my brain cells and every organ in my body. My children lost the mother they once knew. Time to end the ignorance about SIck buildings and the damage they are causing to families across are nation
# 160
21:09, Dec 21, erica allen, CA
Because i’m suffering from mold, and my doctor doesn’t want to help me.
# 159
18:30, Dec 21, Sasha Walker, CA
My family and I have suffered tremendously; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.
# 158
07:40, Dec 11, Name not displayed, VA
Live in military housing that is covered in mold and they keep telling everyone it’s “old dust”.
# 157
21:18, Dec 09, Name not displayed, PA
# 156
14:19, Dec 08, Krista Vogt, CO
I have just recently discovered that my family of 7 has suffered 3 years of exposure to toxic mold. We are still currently in need of remediation that we simply cannot afford while our health continues to decline.
# 155
14:39, Dec 02, Name not displayed, TX
mold sickness,no laws put in place,no help
# 154
22:02, Nov 30, Mrs. harriette detwiler, NY
# 153
06:55, Nov 30, Ms. izi chkheidze, Georgia
# 152
21:27, Nov 27, Jetana Allison, AZ
# 151
10:12, Nov 18, Ms. yvonne zambrano, CA
I did not knpw mold was so serious until I had a leak in my apt. the ventilation fan never worked and the leak from unit upstairs was perfect for mold to grow, the property owner has done nothing to help. ive had 2 mold experts come and say its unsafe for my family to live there. i have called code enforcement, cdc, epa every agency that i can find. there is no goverment agency that will make a landlord clean mold properly and is not fair that we have to live like this. my children and myself have all the signs of mold and need help.
20:15, Nov 15, Name not displayed, KY
I have lost my health, and therefore my home and career due to exposure to water damaged buildings at work. It took years to be diagnosed because physicians are unaware of what health impacts can be caused by water damaged buildings. This needs to change.
# 149
11:04, Nov 15, Shari Hammond, MI
I was renting a hoiuse approximately 3 years ago. It had a roof leak it had plumbing leaks it had leaks around the windows it had no eave troughs the basement was a constant flood and the back yard because it was in a gully. Anyway I wasnt feeling quite right and a co-worker had told me that there was mold in the house MY daughter and I told the landlord and he dismissed it and said to pour bleach on the basement floor. When the nail in the paneling were coming out I put upon myself to go get a couple items tested. On a 2cm piece of tape we had alltogether on one item a wicker basket had 70,000 spores of stackybotris, aspergillus, penicillium, chaeomtium and a peice of wood with a 2cm tape had 73,000 spores I had it tested at Doster Analytical Testing I have had several Diagonosis and believe with all my heart that it was due to the Toxic Mold.This man is still renting out this house and I fear for the health of them but am not sure what to do .I lost everything the place told my daughter and I to move immediately and not to take anything I have no money and am on Disability since I’ve left the house I would have and would still like to take him to court for his negligence in not solving the problem, and my new founded illnesses which again I feel is due to the mold. This man is a business man with several businesses and he couldn’t even fix one small house and I was an employee of his which I also lost my job. If anyone can help me find out what I can do about this situation please call me at 903-2502
# 148
16:19, Nov 05, Ms. Monika Dettmer, AR
we have toxic mold in oure hud apts and can get anye help
# 147
08:58, Nov 05, Name not displayed, MD
We’ve found mold ALL OVER our home!
# 146
19:35, Nov 04, Sheree Gilbert, TN
I am sick from mold exposure. My boyfriend is very sick-my dog got very sick and passed away.
# 145
18:07, Nov 03, Mrs. Shelby Bacon, NY
I have had a mold problem in my apartment for several months now. The landlord is trying to evict us and says were problem tenants. I am developing health issues which could be directly related to the mold exposure.
# 144
07:35, Nov 03, Stephanie Avant, CA
I have seen friends made sick by mold.. It is dangerous and people need to be aware .
# 143
20:06, Nov 02, Name not displayed, ON
I have been exposed to mold and I am very ill as a result of the prolonged exposure
# 142
12:10, Nov 02, Ms. meredith hergenrader, CA
I am disabled by mold and my government treats me like I am a nut case looking for a free ride????They deny any responsibility for the school I worked in being moldy.
# 141
12:06, Nov 02, Cathy Snyder, NY
# 140
11:30, Nov 02, Mrs. Holly Fleming, MI
I have been diagnosed by a bio toxin specialist with a Bio toxin Illness due to exposure from MOLD!!! Ihave been sick for over 4 and am practically disabled from it. Had I know the risk and how detrimental it was to my health I would have avoided working in an atmosphere of extreme water damaged building…now I’m trying to reverse the damage that has been done to my organs and brain and my inflamatory system. My whole life has changed. It’s time to ACT NOW!!!
# 139
07:55, Nov 02, Mr. James Roby, OH
I have been personally effected and know first hand the health issues. Only through a complete detox system (daily) have I been able to keep working.
# 138
05:50, Nov 02, Ms. surella baer, NY
I have mold illness-it ruined my life.
# 137
19:22, Nov 01, Mr. Kevin Carstens, GA
# 136
19:15, Nov 01, Name not displayed, CA
because I believe it is absolutely true….
# 135
16:54, Nov 01, Ms. Dana Toliver, CA
This is a major health crisis in this country & around the world and it is time for our government and healthcare providers to recognize the health effects of toxic mold exposure.
# 134
16:47, Nov 01, Mrs. DIANE KELLY, FL
Because I have personally experienced the physical disability that mold poisoning causes. And I know many people who have become so sick they lose their job, home, and file bankruptcy. And many lose their spouse from this illness.
# 133
13:34, Nov 01, donna graziano, NY
because i was exposed to mold from a landlord who did not take care of there building and there is a high chance that is how my dad died
# 132
11:54, Oct 21, Mrs. tabitha espinosa, GA
cause im going through this now i cant find noone to help me i cant evening find a lawyers im sick and cant find help im 6 months pregnrat lab results show 4 of the most toxic molds in the house landlord sues me for breaking contract and i need to sue him and cant find noone to help
# 131
09:13, Oct 18, Name not displayed, NH
I live in a house were a landlord does not want to fix the MOLD issues and my children are sick and all I get is its been there for years. My children are on inhalers and have major allergies due to MOLD
# 130
16:11, Sep 26, Justcantlivewit Orwithouthim, DC
# 129
15:52, Sep 26, keyonna jones, MD
Myself and my two children were exposed to toxic mold for 3yrs and still having symptoms
# 128
15:24, Sep 26, Mrs. Barbara Hathaway, NY
Because ever since I and my family moved into this house I’ve been sick on and off. Mold grows in the bathroom, the basement has to have a dehumidifier on 24/7, I’ve had problems with icedamming and leaks inside this house.
# 127
07:23, Sep 23, Margarett Boyd, MS
# 126
09:30, Sep 22, Charron Hoppin, NJ
# 125
08:54, Sep 21, Ms. Cami Morgan, CO
I purchased a memeory foam mattress and it continues to grow mold on the underside of the mattress. This has caused some health related issues and I had trouble with the manufacturer when I requested a new mattress. The strange thing is I have another mattress in mychilds room that is fine. I believe they should carry atleast a warning lable if they can have a mold issue.
# 124
11:26, Sep 16, Carla Rushing, FL
Mold infestation within my apartment continues to make me and family have serious health issues without any answers or solutions
# 123
11:17, Sep 16, Mr. Louis Ordonez Jr, FL
# 122
10:14, Sep 16, Name not displayed, ME
I have a 5 year old daughter who is currently being affected by mold exposure!
# 121
08:23, Sep 16, Mrs. Jennifer Fernandez, NJ
# 120
07:48, Sep 13, Name not displayed, TX
I was recently diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia, and I’m practically certain that I have this infection because there is mold in my apartment. I have missed work, not realizing that I was ill because of my apartment, and now I may lose my job.
# 119
20:16, Sep 12, Ms. Cindy Simerly, OK
I have mold in my apartment. They have inspected it and I have to move. The owners will not give me the results of their findings.
# 118
12:43, Sep 10, Ms. Lara` Pare, TX
Because my brother is suffering from mold poisoning due to the neglect of my landlord and no one will help us.
# 116
05:14, Sep 05, Ms. Stephanie Weiss-Wood, VA
I suffer from MOLD Disease
# 115
04:05, Sep 05, Jonathan Waldner, NC
# 114
18:07, Sep 04, Mrs. Lisa Smith, TX
We have lost our health, our home, and our family doesn’t understand. Doctor don’t know how to treat and medical insurance doesn’t cover. The death of life
# 113
17:22, Sep 04, Mrs. Lisa Hill, OK
I have mold poisoning from being exposed five years at work. I am extremely sick.
# 112
16:28, Sep 04, Name not displayed, NC
I am affected by mold in my home, and am ill due to mold among other factors. I feel better when I leave and quickly sicker when I return home… MOLD affects me detrimentally without any doubt!
# 111
15:57, Sep 04, Mrs. Heather Plude, NY
Mold has affected my family’s health and we have spent 10,000+ of our own money remediating our home because mold is not recognized by insurance.
# 110
15:33, Sep 04, Roger Boni, TN
My girlfriend is sick with mold. I too was exposed, and am allergic, but not near as bad as she was
# 109
15:14, Aug 30, Mrs. Tamela Cegelske, AK
6 year stachybotrus chartum exposure with employer knowledge
# 108
12:35, Aug 30, Ms. PAMELA COMPTON, SC
# 107
12:26, Aug 30, Linda Gerisch, SC
I was exposed to high levels of BLACK TOXIC MOLD for at least three years or more and now my entire family has this growing in our bodies.
# 106
11:17, Aug 30, Mr. Michael Woodward, SC
Entire family sick to mold. Benn Tested in home and urine by lab. High Levels in home and everyone sick- landlord evicted us after compliant and is ready to rent it out and make someone else sick. A little paint and bleach. We are broke and homeless and are out of money to get medical treatment for my girlfriend and 15 year old with Candida Glabrata, Many from bio-sign
# 105
19:32, Aug 25, Mr. David Ramcharan, CA
I’ve been personally affected and devasted by exposure to black mold and my health has suffered.
# 104
14:10, Aug 22, Ms. kat hunter, OR
# 103
05:36, Aug 22, Mrs. Kendra Myers, NY
I recently bought a home and it is full of mold and I am very ill every day – I know it is from the mold and I am overwhelmed with what to do about it!
# 102
23:26, Aug 20, Name not displayed, TN
My workplace, a nursing home, is infested with mold. Many of us have gotten sick, I was fired for bringing up the issue and being sick, although they made it about me turning off a scent fan in the hall, when I didn’t turn it off. They have been lieing about having mold and it needs to stop.
# 101
22:06, Aug 16, Name not displayed, NE
I just moved out of my x-wifes house and I was there since 2008 maybe as early as late 2007 and I cleaned It up all the time it is Red and Black.And I was always cleaning it up over the years and I forget my own telephone number and even my kids name even my own age. Left saturday for Omaha nebraska and I need tested and advice on what to.
17:11, Aug 15, Ms. lucinda Brown, AL
Having found mold growing on my coil of central unit of apt to me explained my sickness after 2 yrs of breathing it.Unable to work and lack of money has kept me from proper medical help and testing. Apartment owner,health department or city building inspectors say they can’t help,that there are no mold standards set and they know nothing about mold.So here I am still sick and no home.
# 99
13:21, Aug 15, Ms. Rebecca Gliserman, TN
I am on disability and rent an apartment owned by a slumlord. I would never use the term ‘slumlord” loosely either for he truly is one. I have HUD, Section Eight support for which I am very grateful. I have allergies and have been on one medication for years which has worked fine for most allergens. Recently in the past six months I had been experiencing more worsening allergy symptoms and in June went to my doctor and was put on three more medications. I also have been experiencing headaches and a fine tremor for which I was totally perplexed. Anyway, through a series of circumstances my landlord discovered a water leak from my and two other apartments which has been going on for who knows how long. It caused extensive damage to sub-flooring which he had to brace up to keep from collapsing. They had to cut out the back of my kitchen sink cabinet and left the wood under my sink until they came back a week and a half later to seal it up. I foundthe black mold on he wood and throughout the inside wall behind he sink. I had been so sick especially after the sink was opened up. I just felt like I was losing my mind and did not know what was wrong. I have been suffering for months. Of course, he is not doing anything to clean up he existing mold. He did repair the leak though. I have to leave and still try to keep my HUD assistance. My neighbor has been feeling really bad also and didn’t know what was wrong. Another friend, who moved out of the building several years ago, told me she knew that the landlord knew even then that the building had a mold problem. She moved out because she felt the building was so toxic. Some others think I am overreacting but I KNOW my body and I have to get out even if I have to live in my tent, which won’t be necessary I’m sure. If no one wants to believe me, then tell me why for the past two weeks my dog has been staying under my couch or bed and my cat is staying back in my bedroom which is the least toxic place in the apartment. The air quality in my bedroom is not great, but better than the rest of apartment. And the City of Johnson City has no protection for renters. They got short with me over the issue when I told them how appalled I was that people could be put in harms way without any protections. It is an issue I want to begin campaigning for. Thank You, Rebecca Gliserman
# 98
11:51, Aug 11, Mrs. Firsone Williams, NY
I believe i have been exposed to black mold, i complained to my landlord and he hasn’t done anything but give me but mold and tile remover after my basement apartment has flooded 3 times earlier this year and the rug has not been cleaned or removed since the incident and from the pictures it looks the same. I am trying to find out how can i be tested i have been sick and i would like my apartment to be tested i really need to know i already have heath problems that he is aware of i don’t want to die or someone else because of someone being neglectful or unaware. Worried tenant scared out of my mind.
# 97
16:56, Aug 10, Mrs. Beth Simpson, TX
I’m being exposed to mold in my apartment. Mold is a deep concern with me because of health reasons & the consequences of being exposed to such as hazardous material. From the looks of mold itself; If it grows and rotts like it does on walls and eventually will wear & tear it, What would it look like as it wears, tears, and diminish a human body. I feel it can be very harmful & dangerous to humans and should be considered BIO-Hazzard.
# 96
08:42, Aug 10, Name not displayed, OH
i keep headaches, my basement is full of molde
# 95
18:37, Aug 09, Corrine Austin, MT
I am symptomatic from living w/ it for > a year. Dr. gave me 2 inhalers? Don’t know if it’s the right protocol?
# 94
08:45, Aug 08, Ms. Pat Samms, CA
Health Effects of Mold. Infected so bad, my health is getting worse by the day.Been 2 drs n ER 8 times in 4 months. Going to have to have surgery on my sinuses, DR says if I dont leave, it will come back and more surgery. Respitory worse. Mold test done. Positive. Management knows, they remain silent. Not doing anything.
# 93
16:44, Aug 03, Mrs. Sherri Patterson, MA
# 92
13:29, Aug 02, Mr. Steven DuPre, CA
# 91
11:03, Aug 02, karen shoemaker, WA
Because it’s practically killing me right now due to slumlord conditions.
# 90
10:21, Aug 02, Name not displayed, WA
We have been living in a rental for 3 years now. I have been sick the entire time. I matched all of my symptoms to stage 2 of black mold poisoning. I am 31 and have been dianosed with Osteoarthritis in my hips, fibromyalgia, chronic sinitis, chronic migraines, Perhaprial Neuroapathy and many, many more. In addition too all of my sickness last July I miscarried our daughter at 6 months with little explanation. A month ago we hired a mold inspector to come out he found over 25,000 spores in our basement alone and close to 7,000 in our bedroom. The entire house is rotting from the inside out; every room has mold. We were instructed to leave the premisses and now our landlord will not relocate us or even speak to us. She is in the home painting over the mold!!! We are living in a garage now. My doctor has refused to run the needed tests to check for the specif spores in my blood. I feel that there is no support and that we have just lost everything. Where is the help???
# 89
10:01, Aug 02, Name not displayed, AZ
# 88
14:42, Aug 01, Ms. lisa rochelle, PA
# 87
10:23, Aug 01, Mrs. jennifer curtis, MS
# 86
13:08, Jul 28, Name not displayed, CA
# 85
17:18, Jul 26, Ms. Tanisha Barrios, FL
Because I am having inflammation with my intestines and been through many test and I was told it was Crohns disease but still undetermined I need more test to be done. I recently discovered mold growing in my closet and my landlord told me to put bleach in a certain pipe where the A.C unit is located and it should be fine.I am not satisfied with that cause he is overlooking that regardless of what he does there is still mold growing in this house.
# 84
11:07, Jul 26, Name not displayed, WI
# 83
20:46, Jul 24, Ms. Meredith Marks, NY
# 82
17:48, Jul 24, Ms. Ayanna Robinson, GA
I was toxic mold contaminated and would like to be a part of saving other’s from the ill effects I am suffering from.
# 81
10:00, Jul 22, Kirby Thwing, MA
# 80
09:10, Jul 22, Denny Fuller, MA
# 79
07:37, Jul 22, Mr. Asaph Murfin, MA
# 78
07:33, Jul 22, Mrs. j kolodziej, MA
My family/grandchildren are at health risk because of severe mold in a rented home and there are no laws to protect them, something that has been overlooked for way to long in Massachusetts
# 77
04:35, Jul 22, Name not displayed, MA
# 76
18:50, Jul 21, Ms. Alisha Langerman, ME
# 75
18:12, Jul 21, Mr. Stephen Mollins, MA
Household mold is a debilitating bio-hazard that is understudied, difficult to diagnose and a devastating financial issue.
# 74
16:08, Jul 21, Mrs. Cara Hochhalter, MA
A family I know is having to move out due to dangerous mold while they have a 1-year old.
# 73
15:37, Jul 21, Name not displayed, MA
I have a reaction to mold andmildew and have good friends who suffer as well. I am particularly concerned for children with these allergies
# 72
15:17, Jul 21, Thomas Nutt-Powell, MA
Experience of friends and colleagues with problems of this sort.
# 71
14:53, Jul 21, Ms. lise cavanaugh, VT
# 70
14:17, Jul 21, Bruce Benander, MA
Many people are in distress as mold continues to cause physical problems for them. Please act on this need!
# 69
14:09, Jul 21, Ms. Rebecca Hull, MA
It should be important to everyone. Mold can be very dangerous and compromise the health of anyone!
# 68
12:11, Jul 21, Name not displayed, MA
# 67
11:34, Jul 21, Gary Clark, MA
We are in the middle of a mold problem here in Massachusetts. We are not getting any help from the local or state health or building departments. This is just as much an issue as lead or asbestos. Why are there no laws about this? Our now one year old has had 4 ear infections in a row with no explanation of why and testing of our home and family would be a couple thousand dollars that we don’t have now that we are being put out of our apartment.
# 66
18:28, Jul 20, Hiedi Melton, FL
My family has been affected by toxic mold in a rental home and no one has taken it seriously!
# 65
13:12, Jul 18, Mr. Peter Kralovic, Slovakia
# 64
22:49, Jul 14, Mr. Augustin Mugabo, NY
I have personally been affected by a Toxic Mold in my residence after my landlord failed to address the problem, I got sick. I want to make it known to the public that Toxic Mold is a health hazard that needs to be gotten rid of as soon as it is spotted in your close proximity because its effects are so severe and could be mistaken for symptoms of other viral infections.
# 63
13:33, Jul 14, Name not displayed, VA
# 62
05:41, Jul 12, Mr. andrew vanveen, FL
I think that diagnosis of illness brought about by exposure to mold is difficult and insurers resist paying for remediation of mold infestation.
# 61
00:41, Jul 07, Mrs. Cara Barber, HI
# 60
06:41, Jun 26, marcella harper, WV
I live in a place with extreme mold because the land lady has never had plumbing properly fixed.I now have fibrmyalgia,and other problems.We are trying desperately to find another place to live in but we are low income.
# 59
10:57, Jun 19, Ms. Tammy Schumacher, CO
health reasons
# 58
20:42, Jun 11, Ms. Katherine Stewart, TX
Exposed to toxic mold at work for 7 months and had difficulty finding medical attantion.
# 57
19:56, Jun 11, Mrs. margaret tazelaar, FL
# 56
13:24, Jun 10, Barbara Combs, MI
Because it happened to very dear friends of mine
# 55
05:39, Jun 10, Name not displayed, MI
Toxic mold was found in my home. Lost our family pets to it and I have been hospitalized and family has been sickened by it. Can not enter the home now. Lost everything, and cant stop coughing.
# 54
16:39, Jun 09, Mr. Sean Marshall, IL
I have been a victim of mold exposure, something must be done to stop companies from exposing people.
# 53
16:52, Jun 06, nancy knowles, FL
Thank God, i am a survivor.
# 52
14:43, Jun 03, Mrs. Amanda Dawes, CA
# 51
10:29, Jun 02, Ms. Dixie Vidas, AZ
I’m a former infection control nurse
# 50
14:21, May 31, Jamie Hemery, TX
Because toxic mold is catastrophic. The worse part is seeing your kids suffer and not being healthy enough to take care of them.
# 49
06:49, May 31, Name not displayed, UT
# 48
11:02, May 30, Name not displayed, AR
# 47
08:43, May 13, Name not displayed, MI
My son rented a house in E. Lansing whose basement was filled with water puddles and black mold growing in every crack all over the basement. He refused to move in after the owners admitted the basement windows leaked for years…and their answer was just a dehumidfier. House built in l922, cement block. He was sued for $12,000 of back rent because they said we weren’t experts on mold and had no proof it was mold, even though I had l0 very clear pictures of the mold. He lost the case and he is devastated, not only emotionally but financially, $9000 attor. fees. We are considering appeal. HELP please!!!
# 46
21:49, May 11, Mrs. Pam Boland, GA
# 45
17:00, May 11, Name not displayed, NV
I see the harsh effects of clients living with exposure on a daily basis. This NEEDS to be addressed by a governmental body – if ONLY to quash bad info rampant and readily avaiable.
# 44
15:22, May 11, Mrs. Alberta Morris, KS
# 43
09:04, May 11, Mr. Chuck Hindman, KS
# 42
05:46, May 09, Name not displayed, BC
# 41
14:16, May 08, Mrs. RANA AZZAM, Lebanon
# 40
10:05, May 07, Ms. DobieMax Wojcik, MA
# 39
21:51, May 06, Mrs. Magdalena Mazurek, ON
# 38
19:09, May 05, Mr. Samuel Dixon, CA
This is a problem that people do not know how dangerous mold is. If it is recognized as a Bio-Hazard by the EPA this will put us on the road to solving this poison.
# 37
13:33, May 05, Mr. John Parker, TN
I am co-founder of Mold Inc. Memphis, and too many uncertified people doing this and we need to codify the mold industry to keep people from dying.
# 36
05:42, May 04, Mr. David Moore, CT
# 35
12:50, May 03, Ms. Donna Beasley, MD
# 34
06:56, May 03, Ms. Susan M R, Ireland
# 33
03:51, May 03, Mrs. marta de la fuente, Spain
# 32
11:28, May 02, Mrs. Debra Phillips, OK
I was exposed for 3 1/2 years I lost one of my animals with this and I can’t figure out why my Attorney and the doctors here won’t do anything about it
# 31
19:12, May 01, Shauna Watson, SK
My hubby owns a mold removal service and helps people rid there homes and commercial buildings of mold
# 30
19:02, May 01, Mr. Anthony Montapert, CA
# 29
16:13, May 01, Mr. Alex Tan, BC
# 28
10:45, May 01, Name not displayed, CA
As a lupus patinet and teacher, I was exposed to known mold in a public school and absolutely nothing was done about it. In the end, the judge dismissed the case in favor of the school district. UGH!
# 27
09:15, May 01, Mr. James Mulcare, WA
# 26
07:15, May 01, Ms. Jean L. Corcoran, FL
# 25
10:11, Apr 30, Mrs. Nicole Weber, MD
# 24
07:44, Apr 30, Name not displayed, CA
# 23
02:48, Apr 30, Ms. Bettina Lorenz, Germany
# 22
14:13, Apr 29, Ms. Kami Hnatiuk, SK
Because I work with a company that eradicates these issues one day at a time.
# 21
13:59, Apr 29, stacey olk, CO
My son has brain damage from a toxic mold exposure
# 20
12:04, Apr 29, Mr. Michael Derbawka, SK
# 19
11:38, Apr 29, Mr. Robert Lanfrank, NJ
I own a mold remediation company & experience first-hand the effects mold has on people. Also, there are too many fly-by-night companies in this industry. It needs to be regulated because many people are being taken advantage of or not being handled properly due to lack of training & experience.
# 18
11:23, Apr 29, Julie Houska, NY
Because I’ve gotten VERY SICK from exposure to this and even tho I’ve moved out of the longterm rental that it was in, I’m still made sick whenever I’m in an area with mold. I must wear a mask to be in those environments or I get immediately sick all over again and the sickness doesn’t go away for quite some time…my immune system can’t take exposure to mold or most chemicals every since the onset of the initial constant sinus infections.
# 17
11:07, Apr 29, Name not displayed, MD
We are victims of toxic mold in our home built on concrete slab that had a busted drain pipe insurance refused to cover. Because they refused to cover the pipe, they got out of refusing to cover the mold. Doctors under our insurance are ignorant to mold illness. We are left on our own, self paying, self educating and bankrupt…
# 16
10:41, Apr 29, Mrs. Anita Ketel, Netherlands
Suffering from MS myself, I sign this petition in a rather shocked state… I could have become this ill and disabled because of mold? How sad…
# 15
22:18, Apr 28, Ms. DawnMarie Giammona, CA
# 14
21:58, Apr 28, Mr. Chum R, BC
# 13
20:35, Apr 28, Mr. ChanTlalok Rain Castro, TX
# 12
19:09, Apr 28, Mrs. Deb Kobres, FL
# 11
18:44, Apr 28, Name not displayed, PA
# 10
17:59, Apr 28, Ms. Christine Co, BC
# 9
17:43, Apr 28, Mr. Michael Kirkby, ON
# 8
17:24, Apr 28, Ms. Staci Golladay, AZ
# 7
16:52, Apr 28, Ms. Sue Harrington, CA
# 6
15:10, Apr 28, Name not displayed, FL
# 5
14:40, Apr 28, Ms. Patricia Geller, NY
# 4
13:41, Apr 28, Mrs. julie mraz, FL
It is extremely important as we are disabled Americans who was exposed unknowingly to Mold via an air handler that Maintenace was not done on in a Apartment Complex in Florida. We had to move out of a Toxic Drywall Home into an Apartment thinking that we would be o.k.. No, we were not.
# 3
13:05, Apr 28, Mr. David Dunkleberger, PA
# 2
11:37, Apr 28, Laurel Burns,
# 1
11:24, Apr 28, Ms. Angela Neal, FL
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