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Mold Doctors offering Medical Treatment for Mold Exposure & Mold Sickness.

Mold Sickness

Many doctors claim to expertise in this field and have until recently, never focused on this specific subject but have jumped on the bandwagon with whoever is giving the latest certification program.

This specialized field is often ignored by the medical establishment and patients suffering from mold sickness are often ridiculed or ignored based on the lack of expertise from the doctor on the subject of Mold sickness.

Most doctors will study fungal infections for a couple of months during medical school but have little reason to go back to the subject and do their own research unless the have a genuine interest in the subject matter of mold and how people in the millions are suffering from mold sickness.

We have a unique clinical team with a variety of different disciplines in the treatment of mold sickness and an all-star team of experts who sit on our board of directors and give there individual 30 years of experience each on this specific field.

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